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Organic T-shirts and sweatshirts with eco conscious artisanal prints

established eco aware clothing apparel t shirt and sweatshirt with organic fairtrade labels

inspiring eco-friendly organic T shirt WOOD MUSIC: this drawing of a guitar whose neck wood starts to grow to form leaves, is an allegory on the silence. Listen to the sounds of silence around us, plant notes of music! During music practice this t-shirt allows you to stay dry. Thermoregulating , it ventilates your sweat and dries quickly. inspiring...

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inspiring eco-friendly organic T shirt BREATHE represents love for forests. Trees are one of the lungs of the earth, they produce some of the oxygen we breathe. Let us stand in solidarity with the indigenous people who are the guardians of biodiversity.Children organic cotton t-shirt GOTS Its ecological fibre, longer and softer, gives the sensation of a...

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