Are the t-shirts printed in France?

Yes, since 2008 in our screen printing workshop! By purchasing ecoLoco, you contribute to supporting a small French artisanal business.

  Printed by hand, our visuals inspire detail and finesse, in particular our “embroidery effect” printing process, such as artistic craftsmanship, thanks to unrivaled traditional printing quality.

Who picks the cotton?

Small producers in India grouped into cooperatives specializing in organic cotton.

Who makes organic t-shirts?

Adults paid 1 ½ times the usual salary. No child labor is exploited.

Where are the t-shirts made?

The t-shirts are manufactured in India, Turkey, Bangladesh and Portugal following high criteria in terms of social, ecological and quality standards.

Why organic, ethical t-shirts at a reasonable price?

An organic t-shirt in a traditional organic store costs around €38. Our circuit is shorter, it requires fewer intermediaries in Asia and Europe. In addition, we print limited series by optimizing stocks. This allows us to reduce costs and offer you organic t-shirts at reasonable prices (-30%) for equivalent quality. Our online store also reduces the costs of the physical store.

What is ethical fashion?

Our Collections are presented at the organic marjolaine Paris trade fair, an essential reference in ethical fashion.

An ethical t-shirt is, from design to production, respect for people and the Earth in order to offer you a healthy t-shirt for the skin that you will keep for years...

Why cool and fashionable vintage t-shirts?

We have been creators for many years in London on the Portobello and Spitafields markets and our sensitivity inspires us with eco-friendly retro vintage!

For us, what is an original t-shirt?

The engaged visual is a vector of communication. The message must make you smile, make you think, be unifying and at the service of others. We also share a poetic vision of beauty and nature, love, spirituality. Providing meaning and harmony is our creative mission… but above all, our passion!


Sustainable t-shirts?

Made from organic cotton, the longer fiber ensures longevity and softness to the t-shirt.

Anallergic t-shirts?

Our t-shirts are guaranteed to be free from chemical substances harmful to the skin. These are OEKOTEX and GOTS certified organic clothing.

Why t-shirts committed to ecology and politics?

Our customers are positive and believe in a better world. We sometimes draw visuals together. Let's carry our values for a more conscious world.

Why offer a fun and humorous t-shirt?

The more we see the bright side of life, the better it gets. But for this, feeling that we are at the service of others is essential.


Why a wellness t-shirt for physical activities?

The hypoallergenic fiber is thermoregulatory. It reduces perspiration and allows you to practice hiking, yoga or gardening in ideal conditions. The comfort and hold of natural blends with lyocell, modal or bamboo provide the softness of a second skin.