Following the long design work, the best visuals are available. They are the representation of the brand's commitment, the creator's passion for ecology and more justice.

"I work on the fluidity of the visual, the link between femininity and the magic of nature, the sobriety of logos. Offbeat or poetic, I evoke an exclusive universe of positive and civic visuals.

A poetic vision of beauty and nature, love, spirituality.

Providing meaning and harmony, such is my creative mission… but above all, my passion!”

a current activist expression

The visuals tend towards the love of freedom, non-cooperation, autonomy... what everyone dreams of... The committed visual is a vector of communication. The message must make you smile, make you think, be unifying and at the service of others.

Using a photographic process, the frame is exposed for each ink color. Then each color is printed on the carousel separately and finally the ink is polymerized in the drying tunnel.