find our exclusive creations at organic shop LE CHENE VERT


1000m² of organic products


5 rue des Genets


Saint Clement of Riviere


Monday to Saturday from 10h to 19h


TRIFONTAINE shopping center (Montpellier Nord)


Follow hospitals facultés then road Ganges after Carrefour and Darty


More than an organic store! In addition to giving you advice on the products we offer, our team strives to convey the ethics and lifestyle that accompany the world of bio.


In addition to providing you with the best for your food and well-being, at Chêne Vert you are also invited to discover social initiatives, local initiatives, small artisans, artists, health practitioners in the region. natural and well-being, or just enough to feed your mind and your thoughts.


The Green Oak is a place of sharing and discoveries where in addition to doing your daily shopping you can attend conferences, exhibitions, participate in a yoga class or enjoy a moment of relaxation and well-being with our practitioners.


Because, to be healthy passes of course by your plate, but not that. It is also about taking care of yourself physically, emotionally and spiritually. At Chêne Vert you will be invited to see the world differently, cultivate positive thinking and feel good in your sneakers.


With us, good humor is common practise because we love our job, we like to share with our customers our findings, our advice and advice to make you feel good. And we especially like to involve you with us in a different model of traditional patterns where we are active to move towards a better world, where everyone knows that changing the paradigm is not just a sweet dream shared by a small minority of people.